INDIVIDUAL Yoni Steam Ceremony


Treat yourself to a one-to-one tailor-made womb empowerment & reclamation ceremony in person or online


These ceremonies are designed for you to become acquainted with the yoni steaming practice, and to offer yourself and your precious woman-temple a powerful and potent experience to shift, heal and transform.

Your Personal Tailor-Made Yoni Steam Ceremony

Initiation is your first yoni steam ceremony with me. This offering is designed to inspire you to bring this practice into your life and self care regime in a loving and aligned way. It’s my pleasure to share with you the wisdom and practicalities of this ancient practice.

Ceremony are follow up sessions for women who feel called to continue the practice in a 1:1 format, being held in sacred space and guided through their journey with loving support and guidance. These sessions can take place either in person or online.

Your initiation

This is a sacred ritual set up uniquely for you.

You will receive a channeled transmission and healing process to support your journey to connect deeply to yourself and the experience.

An altar will be prepared, candles will be lit, the space will be cleansed and purified, you will be anointed. Sacred space is created for you to return to the sacredness of your body.

Weaving together the medicine of your intention and the wisdom of the plants, a powerful process is created for you to clear energetic debris that no longer serves you. You invite a wholesome dose of intuition, love and abundance into your womb and yoni space.

Whilst I hold the space for you and the ceremony to take place, it is my deepest prayer that the process returns you to your sovereignty and an embodiment of your feminine power. You and your womb space are your healer, your guide, your oracle.

yoni steam ceremonies to support your healing journey

Each additional Ceremony session and package are tailor-made according to your intentions and needs.  They are the perfect way to ensure that you book in a regular self care practice for yourself and to deepen your relationship with your womb space.

Whilst every steam provides an opportunity for deep healing on a physical and energetic level, we can work together to use yoni steaming as a complementary support for particular women’s health issues/situations you are working through.

The Yoni Steam Ceremony Sessions are perfect for you if you are looking to:

  • support menstrual cycle imbalances

  • heal after child birth

  • improve your reproductive health and fertility

  • clear your sexual organs and womb of stagnant or traumatic energy

  • develop your relationship with your womb space

  • respond intuitively to the needs of your body

  • feel more alive, radiant and in YOUR power

  • unfurl and unwind, navigate yourself towards your feminine centre and give her space to B R E A T H E

Together we will go over your intentions for wanting to incorporate steaming into your life and determine an effective protocol for you to carry out with me and/or by yourself at home.

What’s involved in a session?

  • A check in and chat over a herbal tea made up of the blend you will steam with.

  • Warm up sequence designed to assist you with relaxing the whole of your pelvic region - hips, pelvic bowl, internal and external organs involving a blend of self-massage, guided meditation, breathing, and gentle intuitive movement.

  • Guided journey where you’ll be supported to align with your womb's wisdom, tap into your innate capacity for self-healing, clear stagnant energy and embody the process for your empowerment.

  • Time to rest & integrate with a nourishing and grounding deep closing the bones relaxation with womb energy healing (an adaptation if online)

  • An opportunity to reflect and share your experience

  • Follow up advice and support for continuing your journey.


  • Saturdays in Clapham Junction

  • During the week in Camden

  • In the comfort of your home (extra to cover travel expense)


  • Book in advance with time to get your equipment sorted, head over to the shop for supplies ahead of time.

  • Calls will take place via zoom call in a private space

  • You will receive a guide on how to prepare your at home ritual space upon booking.

  • Prior to the ceremony, a playlist and integration pack will be sent to you to bring your ceremony space to life, before, after and during it.

  • For more information and contraindications go to What is Yoni Steaming.

Extra info

  • Packages include initiation

  • Please clue yourself up on all things yoni steam before purchasing, head over to What is Yoni Steaming to get started.

  • You are welcome to call Raya on 079 0695 0695 or email prior to booking.

  • At least 48 hours notice of cancellation is required otherwise 50% of the cost is payable.

  • Less than 24 hours notice and the full cost of the treatment/session is payable.



Initiation (First Session) | 120 MINS | £85

Ceremony (Subsequent Sessions) | 60 MINS | £65

Course of 3 | £60 each


Initiation (First Session) | 90 MINS | £65

Ceremony (Subsequent Sessions) | 60 MINS | £45

Course of 3 | £40 each