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build a loving and empowering relationship with yourself and your womb space

your womb is your temple

Every woman’s uterus needs attention, love & gratitude. When we are One with the womb, we are One with the Goddess.
— Dr Rosita Arvigo

Sacred Womb Care for Every Woman

I’m here to support all women who feel a calling to embark on a journey of discovery into herself. Women who want to heal, embody their unique radiance and shine their gifts into the world.

The treatments, workshops, resources and products you’ll find here offer a transformative approach to womb wellness. One that places the keys to your inner temple back in your hands.

An alchemical blend of guided and self-led practices, traditional wisdom and intuitive energy work come together to bridge your internal and external worlds, creating a space for you to unravel from the inside-out.

Central to all offerings is a whole lot of love, prayerful intention, channelled creativity and sacred ritual, supporting you to navigate back to your sense of balance, embodiment, voice and power.

yoni steam wisdom

Now is the time to wake up to the truth that our bodies are exceptionally powerful, wise and sacred. I am delighted to share with you all of the tools I have learned that have brought me home to myself.

Weaving traditional wisdom into our lives is a powerful act of reclamation of our inner medicine woman and earth keeper. Connecting us across cultures and time to our ancestors, yoni steaming is a practice, tradition, and ritual that supports women to do just this.

Here at you can

You deserve the time and space to connect with and nurture yourself, as you do others. You deserve to fully embody your own medicine. You deserve all of the goodness that our beautiful, powerful and life-giving Earth wants to birth through you. It’s your birthright.



work with me

It would be an honour to hold space for you on your womb healing and awakening journey. Head this way to discover how Womb & Fertility Massage or Yoni Steaming could support you in a one to one or group session.



Honour your sacred temple at a gathering, a combination of liberating ritual tools - ecstatic dance, meditation, group and individual processing, self-healing and botanical wisdom come together to offer you all of the radical self-care options you could desire!



Book yourself in for some self nourishment with a treatment or place at our next event! Coming soon you’ll be able to purchase your yoni steam seats, herbs, at-home ceremony kits, meditations and more, right here.




Follow the flow