MAMA LOVE - closing the bones ceremony

Mothering the mother is crucial to postpartum care. Closing the Bones is the perfect treatment to honour this rite of passage and the new woman that has been birthed through the process of pregnancy and child birth.


For new mothers / and any mother

Closing the Bones invites women back into themselves through a deeply nurturing treatment and ritual rolled into one. This is an opportunity to celebrate her Rite of Passage into motherhood.

Across the world, particularly in Central & South America and Asia, these postpartum rituals are still widely practiced. However this kind of care, supporting women after childbirth has been largely forgotten in the West. It’s my pleasure to share this practice with you so that you can play a part in changing this story for all women.

Traditionally, this massage ritual is carried out for women during their ‘4th trimester’/ postpartum period. Not only has she been growing another human (and entire mini universe) for the past 9 months, as soon as bubba is born, she now has all of the responsibilities that this new stage in her life will bring, all the while learning what it takes to be the mother she is growing into.  

She has had to find deep courage and strength on an emotional, physical and spiritual level and find ways to continue to sustain this whilst mothering for many years to come. This is why I feel passionate about the necessity of this treatment - so that women have the tools to access for their replenishment.

A Closing the Bones ritual invites you to:

  • Return to yourself, reflect, find your centre

  • Fill up your cup, right to the very top, so that you can give from your overflow, and sip on your own motherly love

  • Have a ceremony that celebrates you and your new journey into Motherhood

  • Draw you back to your creative centre, your womb

  • Have the time to truly feel into how motherhood has transformed you and absorb it into each layer of your being.

  • Make intentions for how you wish to continue your self care and integrate it into your life.

Ideally, this treatment will take place within the first hours to 40 days post-birth, however it can still be done at any time after, weeks, months, even years, with the very same effect.



These ceremonies are tailor made to suit you. At the beginning of the session we will have time to check in and go through your form in detail, over some herbal tea.

The treatment:

  • Sacred space with altar set up specifically to celebrate you

  • Opportunity to share your birth story

  • Abdominal, Sacral & Womb Massage

  • Back, neck and shoulder massage

  • Reiki & Energy healing

  • Closing the Bones rebozo wrapping

  • Guided visualisation & Meditation

  • Sound (chimes, rattle, drum)

  • Rite of the Womb Blessing

  • Longer sessions include a heart opening 1:1 cacao ceremony & meditation.


  • Saturdays in Clapham Junction

  • During the week in Camden

  • In the comfort of your home (may incur a travel expense fee)


  • Packages include the heart opening cacao ceremony in your first session.

  • You are welcome to call Raya on 079 0695 0695 or email prior to booking.

  • If childcare is unavailable, we can work around a little one and make it work, however I do recommend considering this treatment as some self care me-time. You can also invite a close relative or friend to be in the room to tend to baby and hold space for you too.

  • For women that have recently had a caesarean, you’ll have to wait until you are fully healed and had your all-clear from the doctor.

  • At least 48 hours notice of cancellation is required otherwise 50% of the cost is payable.

  • Less than 24 hours notice and the full cost of the treatment/session is payable.

pricing & PACKAGES

Closing the bones ceremony | 120 mins | £95

LONGER CEREMONY with Cacao | 150 MINS | £115

package of 3 (1x150 mins & 2 x 90 MINS) | £250

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never.
— Osho