private group yoni steam ceremony

 When women gather to sit in circle and yoni steam together, a powerfully sacred container for healing is created and a deep communion with womankind takes place. At once we are tapped into the ancient lineage of the practice.


perfect for:

groups of friends | retreats | mother blessings | hen/bridal parties | rites of passage| moon gatherings & Red tents | women’s groups | FESTIVALS | WOMen’s Health workshops | holistic health fairs | open to collaborations


Private group yoni steam ceremonies 

Experience the power of yoni steaming as a collective of sisters with a group yoni steam ceremony. I would be honoured to bring this transformational practice to you and your community. This is a sacred ritual set up uniquely for you and your gathering.

Weaving together the medicine of each woman’s intention, the graceful wisdom of the plants, exercises to soften into the self, a powerful channelled transmission and healing journey process is created that serves to clear energetic debris that is no longer needed, connect deeply within and invite a wholesome dose of intuition, love and abundance into the womb and yoni space.

Whilst I’ll hold the space for the ceremony experience to unfurl, it is my deepest prayer that the process acts as a reminder each woman’s return to sovereignty.

Each woman leaves these ceremonies with the reminder that their womb space has the capacity to operate as space for deep healing, guidance and is an oracle of wisdom if you enable it to be so.

Group yoni steam ceremony experiences enable women to

  • Deepen their connection to one another

  • Tune into their unique connection with the Earth, the divine feminine and the ancestral web of womankind.

  • Activate and become aware of the power within their womb space

  • Release stored emotions

  • Learn how to channel their wombs’ energy in a way that serves each individual and her purpose.

  • Bring transformation and profound sisterhood connection to any group of women.

Time and time again, I see women transformed by the power of simply giving themselves time to relax and unwind their whole pelvic area. The benefits ripple out far beyond the workshop and ceremony space, it has a way of putting a woman right back on track with themselves and their souls.


As a host, you’ll receive a complimentary pack of Yoni Steam Herbs and a special host’s integration gift to rest after preparing and hosting your gathering.

You’ll also receive 20% off to use in the shop as a thank you for arranging the space. Each person that attends will receive 10% discount.


The Journey includes

  • Space for up to 10 women if in a home

  • Up to 20 at a large event

  • Sacred altar with fresh flowers, crystals & candles

  • Yoni Steam Herbs

  • A 101 about the practice, it’s history, the plants and advice on how to do it at home whilst drinking tea from the herbs we’ll be steaming with.

  • Sacred ceremonial experience

    • Group Welcome Blessing

    • Guided meditations to connect with your wombs’ wisdom and innate healing capacity

    • Movement and breath exercises

    • Sharing Circle

    • Guided self massage with delicious Ritual Oils’ Blue Lotus Moringa oil.

    • A held journeying process to support you to deepen, release and rejuvenate as you steam.

    • Deep relaxation and integration with gentle sound

    • Sweet treat for each attendee

    For more information and to clue yourself up on all things yoni steam, head over to What is Yoni Steaming?

Location & time

  • For a private Yoni Steam Ceremony, you arrange the venue of your choice - at your home or one of the participants’ is the best option for this.

  • I am happy to arrange a venue for your private gathering but this will incur an extra cost.

  • Depending on your location, there may be an additional travel expense.

  • Each Ceremony lasts around 2 hours. It’s recommended to invite women to share food afterwards and have time to rest before leaving the space, so allow an hour after your gathering when arranging.


If you wish to collaborate on an event, I would love to work with you. Get in touch via so that we can get our creative juices flowing and weave together something that works for all of us to best serve the women that will gather to share this special experience.



Minimum booking £160 | MAX 4 people

£35 each | 5-10 people

£30 Each for 10+

+travel expenses if out of London

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