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Hey love… I’m Raya, MAMA of

My prayer is pure and simple. I feel it deeply imperative that every woman knows the wonder, power and pure sacredness of her womb.

Our wombs are the creation centres of our bodies. It’s time to dissolve old conditioning that has kept us from living as the whole, interconnected and sovereign beings that we are. Somewhere along the line, women stopped speaking to one another and female caretakers stopped passing age-old wisdom on. Somehow, we gave this responsibility away. I know this because I am on that same journey of rediscovering all that I wasn’t told about what it means to be a woman too, and am driven to break the cycle for all those I come into contact with in this lifetime.

A rich tapestry of teachers, guides, workshops, trainings, courses, books, women’s circles, inspired discussion, self inquiry and the muse that is mother nature herself have all played a part in leading me back home to myself. But most of all, I have discovered an infinite well of all of the insight and direction I’ll ever need, right here in this body, in my beautiful womb.

I have grown from a girl and young woman that felt frightened, ashamed, embarrassed and confused to be female, who internalised a belief that any expression of her sexuality had to be hidden to stay safe from the dangerous world at large, , to now being a woman that is proud to stand in her wild, bleeding and untameable glory, passionate and driven to rally the troupes!

I have grieved the vast desert of knowledge that kept me knowing my womanhood, sexual energy and creative life force, and replaced it with an integrated and normalised knowing of my sexual organs, pleasure and sense of self. I know how to use my menstruality and womb wisdom as my internal navigation system, and super power! I deeply honour myself and know that I am capable, wise, sexy, and radiant in all aspects of my life. I pay deep respect to the line of ancestors my feet stand upon the shoulders of, those that have carried the weight of what I am here to clear and end the cycle of for future generations, I celebrate that I am the first in a very long time to have felt this much liberation, freedom and love and I am eternally grateful to have been called into this line of work.

I am humbled and awed to devote my life to offering space for all women to experience the liberation their souls deserve and require. It’s my dream and my passion to inspire all those around me to join me on this journey to wholeness, so that we can ALL truly show up in the way that is needed for ourselves, humanity, and our precious Earth.

Bone by bone, hair by hair, Wild Woman comes back. Through night dreams, through events half understood and half remembered...Wild Woman comes back...
— Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

To be real, has been birthed as I see a world around me where women are lacking the vital information and resources to take care of their own feminine health. I see an increase in women with womb health issues and a distinct disconnection to their inner stronghold of wisdom, all directly linked to the stressful lives they lead. Many women have a vague understanding of the wombs’ greater purpose, besides it being for bleeding and babies. Shrouded in miseducation, repression and secrecy, many women are left feeling numb and confused when her womb causes her pain or doesn’t operate in the way she’s hoped it to. Women struggle to find self compassion, perpetuating disdain and negative energy towards this precious feminine energy centre that holds within it powerful tools for our growth as empowered women.

It breaks my heart. This needs to stop being our collective story, now. I stay it stops here and goes no further down the family line and into future generations. At whatever stage of your journey through life you are at, you are invited to start taking responsibility for your womb health, as it is vital and integral to your overall health and happiness as a human being. The wild woman wailing from deep within you can be kept hushed no longer.

I’m here to show you ways you can form a loving bond that will sustain you and your relationship with your womb, heart and whole body for the rest of your life…through the resources, services and  products you’ll find across this site. From sister to sister, I want to share with you some of the tools and wisdom that I’ve been blessed to receive over the past decade as I’ve tottered along the path of self discovery and healing. Here, take my hand…

What I am sharing with you

why yoni steaming is my go-to medicine

Yoni steaming came to me out of curiosity and an urge to know my womb and yoni intimately. I wanted to build a deep relationship and reacquaint myself with the primal, raw and wild feminine energy within. I wanted to meet the wise woman in my womb and become her.

As the steam caressed my vulva that very first time, I instantly felt waves of forgiveness as she totally relaxed. I shedded layers upon layers of shame, guilt, misuse, mistrust, personal and external pressure, and more... some that I had un-knowingly placed on her, some that I knew and had numbed away, swept under the carpet to look at another day. She unwound and a sigh of relief swept through my whole body as she thanked me for giving my yoni the time and space to completely relax.

I chose to bring the practice into my life on a regular basis, as my weekly routine to enter my sacred temple space. Each time, I feel like I am offering myself a wonderful gift of presence and my yoni simply revels in the attention and adoration by the way ripples of creativity, balance and joy manifest in my life around me.

During the process, it’s an opportunity to dive into my womb-cave and become acquainted with what’s no longer serving me and that wishes to move through me and this is my biggest teacher and healer. My devotion to this practice has led me to offering the space for other women to experience it. Head over to What is Yoni Steaming & Work With Me to start your journey.

All the eggs a woman will ever carry form in her ovaries while she is a four-month-old fetus in the womb of her mother. This means our cellular life as an egg begins in the womb of our grandmother. Each of us spent five months in our grandmother’s womb, and she in turn formed in the womb of her grandmother. We vibrate to the rhythm of our mother’s blood before she herself is born, and this pulse is the thread of blood that runs all the way back through the grandmothers to the first mother.
— Layne Redmond, When the Drummers were Women



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If there is one gift a woman can afford to offer herself it would be one of Raya's Sacred Yoni Steaming Ceremonies. I didn't know fully what to expect because I had never attended one before. As a menopausal woman I have had a bit of a bumpy time landing in this new chapter of my life and this ceremony called my soul.
I'm so glad I listened to that call. Raya made us all feel so welcome, nurtured and comfortable. It was a truly special way to re-connect not only with our womb wisdom but with the lineage of our mother's and ancestors from many lifetimes.
I feel vibrant, really alive healthy and able to hear what my womb is sharing with me on a much deeper level since attending the ceremony which allows us all to express ourselves in such beautiful ways.
The setting was beautiful and the attention to detail for each aspect of the ceremony was exquisite. There is nothing embarrassing or self conscious about the whole thing, just a pure clear conduit for sacred connection sat in a circle of sisters all choosing to honour their Divine Feminine. Raya holds such tender, anchored, strong and yet gentle space for us all to tune in and hear the ways of our sacred portal and all that she wishes to share with us. Thank you Thank you Thank you <3

Gilly Bean

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" The yoni steam sister circles are a beautiful excuse to connect with our sisters and with our wombs. With lush herbs and a sacred held space these journey's take you to the centre of the universe and back. Creating real affiliation and appreciation for our Divine feminine womb portals it is guaranteed to leave beaming from the inside out. I feel honoured to have been a part of such a sacred circle. Thank you.

Tailia santo


"Raya’s womb massage and yoni steams are very unique and special services which have helped me greatly. Her grounded nature puts you instantly at ease and you feel very safe and held in her space. The womb massage is very releasing and brings a fresh feeling of empowerment, nourishment and self love. The steams are held in an extremely supportive space and you feel safe to release. Although her techniques and services are new to me, you have a feeling of ancient wisdom and remembrances- she is bringing through forgotten practises of self love and care which is so very much needed. After my sessions I feel deeply connected to my womb and cycles and a lot more grounded and happy in my own body. Thank you.

Tanya Fromberg