At-home ritual guide

Ready to give yoni steaming a go at home? Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Imagine you were to sink into a delicious bath, take a bite of chocolate or smell a freshly bloomed rose for the first time - your delicate flower is about to be deeply honoured. Your whole body will tingle with delight, reverence resonance for this sacred practice.

Yoni steaming is one of the most ancient forms of female self care. And by you taking your seat on your throne you are paying personal respect to the medicine women that have brought this knowledge forth to today. You are also playing a part in ensuring this wisdom continues to travel to women around the world. Thank you!


what to prepare

  • Your yoni steam throne

  • 1 handful of steaming herbs

  • 1.5l of filtered/spring water

  • 2l stainless steel or glass  bowl

  • Large saucepan

  • Warm clothing - socks, a long skirt, a shawl, socks

  • A towel and/or a blanket

  • A candle, some sage or an incense stick to set the space

  • A journal and pen

  • Something to play a playlist or meditation on

  • Any special items you wish to have with you (tips on how to prepare your altar here)

  • A time and a place where you’ll be uninterrupted for an hour to an hour and a half.



Now you’ve got everything prepared, it’s time to put it all together and get ready for your ritual. You may like to pop to the next stage before heating the herbs if you wish to give yourself a body, mind and spirit warm up.

  • Bring the water to a boil and add a handful of yoni steam herbs.

  • Take a moment to connect to the herbs and the experience you are about to have. Take some deep breaths to ground yourself and come into your body and send some love, gratitude and any other elements you would like to infuse into the mixture into your cauldron.

  • Allow them to gently simmer for 10 minutes, keeping the lid on the pan.

  • Whilst the herbs are simmering, set up your steam seat and set the mood for yourself.

  • Turn on some music, light a candle, set up your altar with your special items, prepare your towels and shawl.

  • Once the herbs have simmered for 10 minutes, turn them off and allow them to cool for a few minutes.

  • Pour the mix into the stainless steel or glass bowl. Check with your hand over the steam that the mix is a comfortable heat - it’s VERY important that it is not too hot for your delicate vulva tissues.

  • Place the bowl below where you will sit and place your seat of choice over the top.

What to Prepare.jpg

Prepraring yourself

It is now time to bring presence to your womb and your heart, to deepen your awareness and connect to your centre.

This practice is all about creating a warm and supple environment that encourages relaxation and healthy circulation in the pelvis and its organs. Before a steam ritual, I love to settle into my body to prepare myself so I can soften and be as receptive as possible to the experience. This is an integral part of the ceremonies and 1:1s that I hold.

Here are some ways that you can prepare:

  • Yoga/Stretching - hip openers and spinal movement

  • Dancing/intuitive movement

  • Meditation

  • Breathing exercises

  • Womb Massage

  • Breast Massage


now it’s time to get on your throne!

  • Disrobe from your waist down, put your long skirt on / wrap a sarong / towel around you, put your warm socks and shawl over you. Essentially get cosy so that your temperature can remain balanced and the steam remains inside. Tea cosy style!

  • Find a comfortable seated position over the herbs and ensure that the steam feels warm and not hot - taking yourself off of the seat if it is too hot. Clue: if you are unsure if it is too hot then it probably is - intuition is key!

  • Once you are settled, close your eyes and centre inwards. Welcome yourself into the experience. Take some deep breaths as you attune to the sensations of the steam and the experience of steaming.

  • Allow yourself to relax, hands on lap, jaw hanging open and relaxed. Relax your vulva, vagina, womb, tummy, sacrum, anus, let it all relax and soften.

  • Place one hand on your heart and one on your womb space. Take a moment to honour yourself and send some gratitude and love for gifting yourself with the time to steam today.

  • It is a perfect time to tune into your sacred womb centre as a powerful source of creation - for yourself, your projects and creations. Allow your imagination and intuition to flow and weave your journey.

  • You may wish to set an intention for anything you wish to receive from the experience.

  • You may be happy to simply sit and enjoy the experience, let go of any thoughts and let the steam work its magic over the next 20-30 minutes.

  • Or you could journal what you’re experiencing, with the help of these prompts

  • This YOUR steam ritual. Let it feel right for you.


other ideas to deepen into the journey

  • Pick a guidance card to work with

  • Energetic clearing - invite yourself to clear anything that feels stuck to you. Take care of yourself as you may notice things physically and emotionally during the process.

  • Use your voice to sound through the process. Sound is so helpful at shifting through stagnant energy.

Journey support

  • Work with me 1:1 so I can support you to connect powerfully with your womb, clear and recalibrate through your own tailor made ritual.

  • Meditation & Ceremony downloads coming soon.


Relaxation and Integration

  • When the process comes to an close, place a hand on your heart and womb and again offer yourself love and gratitude for taking the time to honour yourself and your sacred centre.

  • Feel your feet firmly on the ground - find a way to ground yourself (perhaps gently pressing your feet into the floor) as the process can sometimes leave you feeling quite spacious.

  • Come off of the seat slowly, and dry yourself off. Make sure to wrap yourself up to keep extra warm.

  • Find a way to compost your herbs back into the earth with a final intention to let go of all that you’ve been holding onto. I like to see this as a way of consecrating my journey and prayers and honouring the earth for her gifts.

  • Take a rest for at least 30-60 minutes. It’s ideal to steam just before bed or when you can take it easy for a few hours. Allow your yoni and body to rest and absorb the journey you have just been on. It takes time to recalibrate and completely come back to yourself.

wishing you a beautiful steam, sister!